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What needs to be fixed to fix entire brake system?

I have 86‘ hyundai Pony and the brake doesn‘t work When the pedal is pressed, i feel no pressure. I believe there is no brake at allWhat needs to be fixed? -Brake bleed?-Change pads??? Please list and if possible DIY would be much appreciated, and the cost of the parts and how much to fix it at the mechanics.


The word entire means everything, so you need to fix everything that is not working! This means that one part could be problem, or a lot of parts, but most likely not all parts! Is the reservoir full of brake fluid?-- Really! -- Some people don't check to see! It could be a broken hose or brake line, - check underneath around wheel areas on inner side of wheels, and look for wet spots, -- leaking fluid makes fresh wet looking spots! It could be master cylinder! It could also be one of brake calipers, - so there are lots of things to check over Most anybody with mechanical aptitude and a little experience should be able to check whole thing out for leaks in about 5 minutes! And I have seen people who drive till worn out pads finally eat out brake discs to point that the brake pad plate falls out of the hole, and piston comes out and shoots all the fluid out of the caliper ! So think about things in past before they went totally dead, -- this information will help mechanic get to problem quicker!
May 28, 2018
Leo, you're going about this all wrong. Your question is really unanswerable. The way to do this is, go get an estimate from a reliable shop. They will tell you in writing what is being replaced in that estimate. You can use that in your list of things that need doing. Then, you can beg, borrow or buy a shop manual. You can look in there and see what's involved in doing brake repairs. You can then decide if you think you can do it yourself. Don't forget to factor in tools, time, a place to do the work, and maybe having to buy parts twice due to your making mistakes. Also, you have to consider the extremely important job brakes do on the car, and decide if you're wiling to trust your life and that of others while you learn how to fix cars. Then you can make a decision. Good luck.
May 28, 2018
First verify your grasp cylinder to make advantageous it is finished of brake fluid. no rely if it is not any longer you have a leak someplace, that could desire to be corrected. If frequently finished you have air interior the gadget that desires bleed out by way of having somebody pump the brake and carry it on a similar time as you place a wrench on the bleed valve at lower back of brake assembly, you probably did no longer say no rely in case you had disc or drum brakes yet there is bleeder valve on the two. regardless of you do, get this fastened appropriate away.
May 28, 2018

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