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What songs would suit my voice?

Hello, I have a lowish but not too low female voice and I wondered if anyone could recommend any songs? Many songs that I have tried to sing have verses that are quite low so really suit my voice but then go into the chorus or bridge which is too high so I can't always complete the song to the best of my ability. I can sing high but I am better at it if its starts high so I am already there, that probably doesn't make much sense to you though. Thank you in advance


They recommend that smokes be changed and new ones replaced after 5-7 years. If it still goes off after replacing the battery with a fresh one then I think it's time to change them out. You don't say if they are hardwired with battery back up or just battery. Either way it's probably time to change them out. You could try a vacuum cleaner to see if this helps. I would change them out to be on the safe side.
Sometimes you just need to get it inspected by a trained pro like the fire department
The Iron Sheik , made his fame during the Iran hostage crisis. He was depicted as the evil Iranian fighting the ex American military hero Sgt. Slaughter. Americans were kept as hostages for 444 days. He use to wave an Iranian flag in the ring to irritate the fans. I'm sure America was very good to him.
If it sounds like it's trying, it could be the power door lock actuator. I don't have any info on the cost of those though. Before you do that, have you tried spraying some WD40 into the lock? Just push the straw through the little cover, and give it a good hosing. Especially if you mainly used to use the remote, rather than the key, and regardless, the cylinders could just be rusted or oxidized inside.

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