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whats a good motorcycle for a beginner??

yamaha or honda


A cold air intake will cost you about $200 and might give you 3-5 horsepower.maybe. You cannot mod a car without money. Performance costs money. The more money you have to spend the faster you can go. It is very easy to drop several thousand dollars on a car when trying to improve it's performance.
Most cars now (including your Scion) have an airbox with a snorkel that draws in cold air. This is currently equipped on your car from the factory. An intake may look pretty when you pop the hood, but you will not get much as far as performance gains. If you get any gains it will be only when ambient air temperatures are close to equivalent to the outside air temperature. (meaning the engine bay is only as hot as the air outside the car) From there the performance will probably drop with a normally aspirated engine and aftermarket intake system. Where you CAN get performance and economy gains is with the FILTER itself. The material used in Aftermarket Performance Replacement filters allows for more air to be moved through at one time. I suggest a rechargeable filter like KN. These Drop in filters have material lightly saturated in a special oil that separates impurities from the air, but can also be cleaned, recharged, and reused for the life of most vehicles. Prices vary by model, but are generally between $30-$60. I would order directly from a KN dealer or at a local parts store to insure you are getting a quality part and not a knock-off. Very easy to change and you will feel the difference. Not necessarily in power, but in responsiveness. It also changes the engine and exhaust sound. Good luck! Have Fun!
Being a Honda owner myself, that is my recommendation. As for a good beginner bike. Mine was A 750. However, I am six feet tall. I now own a 900, almost fully dressed. An older 550four would be a good starter bike. I'd stay away from crotch rockets until you get some riding experience under your belt. And keep in mind, motorcycles are fun but can also be deadly machines, no matter what size, brand or style you have. You have to BE AWARE of EVERYTHING around you.
THe Gsxr 6 and the Yamaha R1 are good motorcycles. i offered a carburated bike and ended up getting a Ninja 6R(636). for extra or less $4000-$5000 you will get an exceptionally good bike. i'm somewhat skeptical approximately that GS500 yet do in spite of you want. i'm in basic terms bored stiff with human beings announcing Oh no , it truly is too lots for a green driving force , get a 250ccITS A WASTE of money!! After a pair of months you would be ill of it that it is sluggish and additionally you would be wanting some thing extra appropriate , and finally end up getting a extra valuable bike. So why no longer get the bike you want the 1st time be cautious with it and be taught on it.Why get a 250cc than bypass to a 1000cc and might desire to relearn the way it handles Get my element? Now while you're finding for good gas milleage than it truly is yet another tale. So my element is get in spite of feels best for you , and don't be scared that it is too huge. in basic terms take it truly ordinary untill you get some adventure, holiday secure , take some MSF classes in case you have the money , and don't be a hero or educate off.you will injury your self and the bike. Peace

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