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Why, when I'm swimming, to be exact, I'm not afraid of water

When I'm swimming, exactly, I'm not afraid of water. I can dive, but I can't swim in the water! Remember, it's breaststroke


If you don't swim, your motivation is offset by the resistance of your action, so don't go. Maybe you're taking your leg too fast, and the leg is too wide (the margin of thigh), which is the reason why you don't move forward.
Leg movements:1, leg: knees, legs, heels to the hips close, the calf to hide behind the thigh, slow leg, so that you can reduce resistance. The end of the legs, two knee and shoulder width, legs and feet vertically in the water near the surface, cheng.2, double foot: distance greater than two feet from the knees, feet valgus, toes outward, feet round back, legs and feet of water inside align, like the letter "W English".3, clip tread water: the process is actually straight legs (Qu Kuan and knee), by the waist and thighs while power to the inside of the leg and foot pedal and water, first out, backward, downward, inward, and then to the top of the tread water, just like painting half a circle. The outward push and the inward clamping of the water are done continuously, that is, even with the strap. When the clip is finished, the legs are stretched together, the feet are turned inward, and the toes are opposite. Pedal water speed should not be too fierce, to slow down to the rapid acceleration of water, two legs nearly stretched, close together when the pedal water speed is the fastest.4, stop: legs close together, unbend in a short glide (1-2 seconds).
BreaststrokeBreaststroke with a jingle, before explaining the breaststroke movement first introduced to everyone: "three legs do not move, close hand and then the legs, arms extended, after the first kick, with straight float a while." Can be seen from the doggerel, the action is before hand movement of the legs. Must be received before the leg after the hand hand and then kick.Arm movement:1, outside delimit. Hands forward, palms tilted about 45 degrees (small thumbs upward). Move your hands outward and back at the same time, then bend your arms back and down.2, delimit. The palm from outside to inside, the hand drive arm speed mark, the hand from the bottom up and close together in the chest (low, high elbow elbow under the shoulder), protrusion.3, protrusion. Stretch your hands forward (elbows straight).

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