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will a 2.73 posi rear axle work with an 81 el camino?

i have an 81 el camino with a chevy 305 and want to buy a 2.73 posi rear axle and was wondering if it would be able to handle the engine or will the engine/transmission be able to handle the posi axle


Wait wait wait, 0-60 in four seconds with the inventory 2.Seventy three or 2.Forty one rear and inventory trans? LMAO, right. Until you have some 350 that is putting out some ridiculous low finish torque that's no longer taking place. With out realizing what the specs of your 350 is then it can be rough to particularly endorse a rear equipment ratio. Cam, consumption and carb rather element right into a apparatus alternative. In most cases speakme three.23's are a best compromise between acceleration and gasoline mileage nevertheless it fairly does is determined by the relaxation of the drivetrain. No offense however I consider you're full of it, you understand how to get vigour out of an engine however can't determine what gears to move with? Sorry but i am elevating the BS flag on this one.
May 28, 2018

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