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will brakes master cylinder cause these problems?

Brakes don‘t have as much pressure as they should but still have pressure normally At ramdom Times, the pressure in the brakes will drop all the way, will still stop vut brake power is weak, and car will lunge and smell bad. Exhaust will sound bad.


READ THIS CAREFULLY and PRINT IT OUT! ALL BRAKE FLUIDS are ESTER COMPOUNDS THAT ATTRACT water FROM THE AIR! After about 3-4 years of use, this fluid turns into toxic waste, THINS down AND SEDIMENT DROPS OUT OF IT! It loses it's boiling point AND BECOMES lethal to aluminum alloy found in your braking system! IT gets MORE and MORE slippery as this happens and then SLIPS behind BRAKE SEALS in your master cyinder and internally LEAKS! It wil ALSO turn into LIQUID SANDPAPER and SCUFF UP ALUMINUM Paerts with GRIT! YOU DO NOT NEED ANY NEW PARTS, most times! YOU WILL NEED A FULL POWER BLEEDING of NEW fluid, and the REMOVAL of the OLD FLUID! This is NOT A GRAVITY BLEED or PEDAL BLEED! There is a PRESSURE PUMP for this job! USE ONLY THE GENUINE FACTORY FLUID and NOT the JUNK found at the local AUTO PARTS STORES! WHAT YEAR make, model, mileage, country of origin, engine size, and TRANS type do you have here! I HAVE NO CLUE whatg kind of CAR you have, BUT THEY ARE ALL THE SAME as far as BRAKE FLUID goes! Ever reaplced a MASTER or WHEEL clyidner or had a SEIZED U CALIPER! This is exactly WHY this happens! A FULL POWER BRAKE BLEED prevents nearly ALL BRAKE PO|ROBLEMS ove TWENTY YEARS TIME! ALL brake lines RUST fromt eh inside out! Most IDIOT think it is the OTHER WAY AROUND! GOOD LUCK!!
May 28, 2018
Low petal could mean a brake line leak, brake hose leak, wheel cylinder leak or a caliper leak. People who never have their brake fluid changed have water in the brake fluid. Water will rust the brake lines from the inside out. Water will cause the brake caliper piston bores and wheel cylinder piston bores to corrode and rust eventually locking the pistons up. If you and Robert don't think this happens why does every auto parts store stock more wheel cylinders and brake calipers than any other part!
May 28, 2018
could be your brake booster if your car doesn't have manual brakes. If it is the booster the car won't brake as well as it used to. A master cylinder will not hold pressure and can be easily pressed as far as the system allows. Make sure you aren't leaking brake fluid, you may just need to bleed the brakes if that isn't your issue.
May 28, 2018

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