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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Shield Wing?

I don't think they've made any official Card Rulings for Shield Wing yet, so, I was wondering if Shield Wing can be instantly destroyed by the effect of Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke or Mystic Swordsman.


Jack Blanchard Misty Morgan - Fire Hydrant No.79 Fire hydrant No 79 standin' on the corner by the no-parking sign You're the only friend I got in Nashville Tennessee You work for the city in the rain and in the fog Gettin' no respect from the neighborhood dogs And when I sing you're the only thing that listens to me Fire hydrant stumpy and red I love you even though you got no hair on your head Today I hocked my guitar to buy you and me a bottle of wine Well I'm goin' away cause you'll never be mine I know you're in love with the no-parking sign Well I'm gonna miss you fire hydrant No 79 [ guitar ] Fire hydrant built like a jug when I'm feelin' low you're always good for a plug Today I hocked my guitar I'm gonna miss you fire hydrant No 79 (oh it's beautiful) I'm gonna miss you fire hydrant No 79
It's jump telling you to SLOW YOUR ROLL so yes, yes it is

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