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2002 pontiac sunfire axle problem?

2002 pontiac sunfire. Automatic, 2.2 single over head.Vibrations coming from the front when driving. Also when I go from Reverse to Drive, and visa versa, and give it a little bit of gas I hear a popping noise. ( like when your knee pops when you get up, (but in car terms ) I believe its the axle on the passenger side, but am not sure. I took the tire off and can see the joint coming out of the tranny not spinning smoothly, wobbling lets say. ( jacked the car up and idled it in drive and reverse) It also moves up, down, front and back slightly ( not spinning ) When I had the front end jacked up, I can also hear a clunking noise when idling in drive and reverse. Is this the axle or is it something inside the tranny????


usually, when an axle fails, you should hear a clicking on a turn. you could have the inner u joint that has popped out of the trans for some reason. it would be worth the effort to see if you can not get it to go back into its normal location. it would prolong the life of both the axle and the trans.
May 28, 2018

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