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Can you convert a Cell phone Charger into a Cell phone data cable.?

I have a cell phone charger, and a cell phone data cable, they are both the correct model for my phone, but i was wondering if there is any way to splice the two together. The reason is I have no spare plug-ins in my room. I only have 1 plug in my room and use that connected to a power strip for my computer, ac, and tv. I was wondering if it was possible to connect the two devices so that my cell phone would draw power from my computers USB port so i could just use that to charge my phones battery.The problem i run into is that the USB data transfer cable only has 2 uncoated wires in it when i cut it open, and the charger cable has 4 wires, 1 white, 1 black, 1 green, and 1 red.Any ideas to help me out? I allready cut the cables because i have 2 sets of everything as the first set came with my old phone.


I consider maximum of your fact, however the charger fact isn't authentic. I used a watt meter to ascertain how plenty power my extremely some electronics have been utilising and neither of our cellular telephone fees used an power while the cellular telephone grow to be taken off. Standby power could be 10-15% of the final domicile electrical energy invoice. Many chargers use power even while no longer something is on them. a thank you to tell the version seems to be if it has a heavy plug or container on the cord. Ipod docking stations have been superb to me, they use the comparable volume of power while the ipod is bumped off as they do to play song. i take advantage of power strips to close off each and all the stand by utilising power of my television and upload-ons as properly as my laptop and upload-ons. I stored approximately $25 a month. so a techniques as recycling, we've been advised for over 30 years to recycle, and we nonetheless are in basic terms recovering a small share of maximum recyclable supplies. I want to concentration on decrease. over the final 50 years we've been programmed by utilising the media and massive companies to change very almost each and every thing with a disposable merchandise. i do no longer recycle plenty, yet I additionally do no longer produce plenty rubbish the two, approximately 2 kitchen rubbish luggage a week for a family contributors of three with 2 canines.
No conversion there.

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