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Computers - Placing them on rugs, floors etc.?

Isn't it better to place a CPU on a desk or at least elevate it so that it doesn't touch a carpet or floor? (Even if the carpet is not shag?) I am trying to prove this to my boss but he insists that the computers remain on the rug. Keep in the mind that the computers have 3 intake fans, and a few outtake fans. They are placed in a church/office setting where kids could incidentally kick the computer or something. I also know that when computers are closer to the floor, they take in more dust. Am I not correct, or at least partially correct?


Yes. Laptops certainly. This is because carpets have a very uneven surface, and they are spongy. What happens is the carpet will rest against the air intakes (which are on the bottom) and restrict air flow in. It also picks up a large amount of dust since carpet has a large surface area to trap such particles. If on a hard desk, the feet provide some elevation for air to move freely underneath so the fan can suck it up for cooling. This is desirable, however, computers will work pretty much anywhere.
Aug 23, 2017
show your boss the air filter on the link below, and tell him that it would be a good move to fit something like that, to keep the dust from entering the PC casing and reducing overall reliability - top benefit - it only takes seconds with a hoover hose to clean the filter, without even powering off the PC. Without it, you will need to take down and hoover internally about once a year as an absolute minimum.
Aug 23, 2017

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