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First floor apartment too risky?

There's a garden apartment I really like, but it's on the ground floor. That seems to me dangerous because to rob the place all you'd have to do is break that window.It is in a pretty nice neighborhood, though. Do you think it's too risky to take this? I really like the apartment otherwise.


the warmth you put in you homestead, (no matter the place it come from) follows the 2d regulation of thermodynamics. quite the warmth air desires to warmth up the chilly air. the quantity of warmth it takes to maintain your place heat relies upon on the temperature interior, the temperature exterior, the resistance to this warmth shifting from the nice and comfortable area to the chilly area (called R-ingredient in insulation) and the section the warmth has to holiday for the duration of. on the grounds which you have a heated floor it is the roof of the 1st floor your warmth won't want to flee in the time of the floor so there will be no loss. This reward the 1st floor to boot, (assuming there at the instant are no substantial holes) as you're offering insulation for the 1st floor roof. in case you had an condominium above you, you are able to act as insulation to the 0.33 floor floor, and that they could supply insulation on your ceiling. . As this isn't the case you will unfastened warmth in the time of the roof, so i could easily assume the 2nd floor heating desires to be bigger than the 1st floor. all the residences will unfastened warmth by way of their partitions. Assuming the 1st floor is easily on the floor there is not a great deal of warmth loss in the time of the floor, yet extra effective than the 2nd floor will unfastened (assuming comparable temperature putting).
There are many apartments, look for another one and dont forget security is the most important thing...
I've lived in two apartments that were downstairs and never had any problems. I lived in nice neighborhoods. Now I live in a house and I've never felt unsafe either. It's really up to you to check out the apartment complex first. Drive around it at night and see what it's like. Check with the police for crime reports in that neighborhood.
I don't like ground floor apartments myself. I live in a small town, and a safe neighborhood. My last apartment was ground floor I was never broken into but I caught many peeping toms looking in my windows. My sister is in a ground floor apartment now and she's having the same problem. Now I live on the 3rd floor. If someone tries to peep they'll kill themselves doing it.

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