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Horse Rug beginning with a B, can put saddle on?

I was at the yard today and one of the owners was talking about one of these rugs, and I can't put my finger on the name of it. Just wanted to read up a little bit about it.All I know is it begins with a B and lots of people ride with it still on the horse and just put a saddle over it.Any suggestions? :s


Bug Rug? A rug that fits around that saddle and protects that horse from flys when ridden. What kind of rug is it? What's it used for? Waterproof? Warmth? Is it rug shaped (covers that front) or an exercise rug?
Aug 23, 2017
The trick is to flatten the rug out on the floor the opposite direction up, carry the front of the rug the two fringe of the neck beginning. Swing the rug up and over the pony so as that the rug lands the basically right part up. This needs to be finished on the basically right velocity so as that the rug sails over the back of the pony and lands interior the middle... think of of a matador's cape.
Aug 23, 2017
I use one, in ireland we call them exercise sheets.
Aug 23, 2017

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