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horse rug help please 10 points right answer?

ok so what is a Waffle Weave Rug ?


The Masta soft waffle weave rug is a new soft knitted honeycomb acrylic waffle rug ideal for cooling off a hot horse or for traveling etc in. This extremely versatile Masta rug has high working properties and a host of features such as twin front straps, anti-rub satin lining at the chest, cross surcingles, wither pad and fillet string. well that what i use wit h my horse
Aug 23, 2017
I actually have a 23 365 days previous gelding and a 26 365 days previous mare. They the two get Purina Equine Senior, an entire scoop am and pm. Purina Equine Senior is what may well be a finished feed meaning that whether a horse had no tooth in any respect you're able to make a mush of it and feed it through fact the only source of fiber and nutrition if mandatory. in the iciness while the grass is dormant and that they'd desire to consume hay additionally they get alfalfa cubes, soaked in heat water and broken aside by applying hand. the two considered one of them are pefectly sound and don't decide on the different supplemental nutrition previous what's secure in the feed. they are the two fat and happy. even nevertheless I even have their tooth seen to in many situations the mare's tooth are in especially undesirable shape so I watch her greater desirable heavily.
Aug 23, 2017
Its a cooler rug - almost resembling a waffle - its designed to cool down a horse whilst keeping them a little bit warm so as they dont get a chill. I personally prefer fleece coolers myself - no particular reason, just personal choice. xx
Aug 23, 2017
It's a type of cooler which is weaved in such a way that it has squares in the material. They are used to help cool the horse down and wick sweat away. Personally I prefere a fleece cooler.
Aug 23, 2017

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