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How to restore a weather-worn wooden chair?

The moisture from rain and snow caused the wood to split in some places. Is there a way to seal the splits and protect the surface for the future? Thanks.


If the wood hasn't been sealed, the splits could actually be checks - which are natural splits in the wood. The wood should still be very sturdy and durable. Even if you are placing the chair under a covered patio, I would recommend cleaning the chair off with soap and water and sanding any rough spots. After it is definitely dried, use Wolman FP stain/sealer or just the sealer. It is a fantastic brand and you do not have to apply every year. We use it on our outdoor furniture and are happy that we do not have to re-apply every year!
What Kind of Wood is the chair Primary Location when Used. (ie, Concrete Patio, Covered or Uncovered Deck, Etc.

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