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if i obtained a magic mushroom how would i grow additional magic mushrooms from it?

Now i have done a little research into growing mushrooms, all i found was how to do it with spore prints in a syringe or what ever. Now i don't know much more about cultivation of mushrooms, so how would i maybe be able to grow some without the vermiculite? i read little bit about growing generic mushrooms in logs and all that, but i didn't read much into it, and correct me if im wrong, but quot;shroomsquot; need to be grown differently and sanitary.Please add as much info and as many links as possible. Also i am only looking into this for the sake of it, i in no way intend on eating selling or even growing this species of mushroom. Cheers.


get a fishtank big enough to fit the container, put 2 bricks in it, and fill the water to just below the top of the bricks, put a submerssible fishtank heater in it, cover the tank with plexiglass with holes at the top. make sure to check the temps regularly. DO NOT TURN THE EGGS put little thumb indents in the vermicalite, and place each egg in one, put a mark with permenant marker on each egg on the area facing up google to find the proper tempetures dont turn the eggs or the fetus will drown. get this done quick before the eggs get too cold.
do not incubate res eggs! this species is the most commonly abandoned turtle in the pet trade. they are discarded into non-native waterways. they breed easily and have spread all over the globe. they show up in shelters at an alarming rate. it is irresponsible to deliberately breed more of them. i'm very surprised that even the more knowledgeable person bought into the idea of hatching these eggs. spay and neuter your cats and dogs, and destroy all res eggs. if you want to breed turtles do it with a species that isn't already overwhelming non-native habitats and shelters.
you're fast, aren't you? not exactly on the surface, not buried though, by any means. and yes put the lid with holes on top, because that keeps it humid and moist. i think you might want an aquarium heater to keep temperature constant, but again you might read upon that.
Mark the top of each egg with a felt-tipped marker and never rotate the eggs. Bury the eggs half-way in moist vermiculite and put the cover on. Now, weigh the box with the most accurate and precise scale you can get. Place the box in a warm place, such as the back of the top of your refrigerator. Reweigh the box each week. If it has lost weight, add a ml of water for each gram lost.

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