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need some help on increasing bench press?

Hi i am 15 years old and i started working out not too long ago and i could bench press 135 twice on a good day ;)could someone give me a few tips on how to increase my bench press. Thanks!


what you can do is drink protein shakes. My favorite was Muscle Milk. I would still take it but I started throwing up a lot from it. Anyways, i gained like 8 pounds just with one box with that stuff and I added 10 pounds to my max with that.
There are a few matters that you'll do: !st of all you ought to do a little heavies. Put a big quantity of weight at the bar and feature any one spot you. You must no longer be competent to push it. Do this after your whole exercise approximately four time to a five moment rely. At 205 I could suggest 245 or so. You ought to do extra push up then you're already doing. If no longer doin any then do no less than 50 each higher frame day. You additionally ought to incorporate dips and incline/decline press into your exercise. Diet could also be primary. You ought to devour healthful and have you ever eat 255 grams of protein an afternoon. This gets you higher and more potent. When you get a weight that you simply believe at ease at reduce it to a million/two your frame weight.
start out little and do alot of it. start out with 25 on each side and do like 10 and rest then 10 again..keep doing that until u get stronger and slowly add more wieghts.
Okay first is first, what you are doing is stupidity. You should not be bench pressing that at your age. You're ruining your body. You should be doing light weights. Bench pressing is pointless in every form. Remember slow and steady wins the race and the only thing a bench press brings you closer to is a Hernia. The answer is don't. Your body isn't fully developed yet.

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