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what is your biggest garden pest and how do you get rid of it without using poison?

if your answer is quot;kill it,quot; tell me how and with what.


They are called catapults for a reason :o) I don't kill them, I persuade them it is less painful to in somebody else's garden.
slugs... what I use is 'poison' to them, but not to kids, pets or wildlife.... turns to fertilizer if not used by the slugs.... Iron Phosphate....
rats do get sensible to snap traps, yet right here's a tip for a sprint extra effective success with that style of capture: tie a reliable sized crumb of cracker onto the baiting area with extremely of string. That way they actually could gnaw and pull to get the bait somewhat of tenderly licking it off. additionally, do no longer USE POISON! notwithstanding in case you place the poison out of your puppy's attain, there's available that the lifeless mouse would be eaten by capacity of yet another animal and the poison continues to be in that mouse! Glue traps artwork appropriate in case you could safeguard them to the floor or to notwithstanding floor you place them on. I used them in my previous abode and that i could locate those glue traps interior the main weird places because of fact the mouse could get a leg or tail caught and drag the capture around till it would desire to locate something to squeeze by that the capture would not in good condition by and pull itself suitable off of the dang factor! Now we use the digital repellents. they seem to artwork tremendous and pets do no longer hear them.
My wife is the biggest pest.I hear all day is are you going to be in that garden all day?The garden pests are easy to control.I only use organic soaps and no chemicals ever.
Squirrels.No I don't kill them but never feed around your home or garden.I have tried traps which only catches the neighborhood cats.So I gave that up.Have not found anything to keep them away for long.

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