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What to do about a Dog with Lymphoma?

My brother's TWO YEAR OLD golden retriever was diagnosed with lymphoma, after going to five different veterinarians, getting a catscan, and then being operated on to see if the growth could be removed. The lymphoma was discovered in her soft palate, which has effected her breathing through her nose. Her breathing is much louder, and obviously not as productive when she tries to breathe through her nose because of the lymphoma. My brother and his girlfriend want to get radiation, and all the necessary treatments. Is this even worth while, or is it cruel to keep the dog suffering like this? What should they do? My brother thinks that I'm being cruel by suggesting that maybe they should let her go, and put her to sleep, but I feel like I'm looking out for the best interest of the dog (as she is having difficulty breathing, and they cannot remove the growth).


Yes, that would be the first recommended step. You can use a water or alcohol dampened cloth to try to clean it as best possible, but if the roller is too old or dirty, it may need to be replaced. There are rubber restorer cleaner/conditioners available that could also be used if you like. Best of luck.
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