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Windshield Wipers Wont Go All The Way Down?

Why will my windshield wipers not go all the way down? We just had a big snowstorm, and I am afraid that I stressed the motor and now my windshield wipers will not go all the way down. They work fine, but when I turn them off after using them, they‘re about 3 inches up on the windshield. It‘s get annoying because it blocks some of my view. My car is 2000. Should I consider replacing the motor or is it an adjustment problem?


Is it a GM? Because sometimes the gears strip out inside the wiper housing and the one little part cost me $80 to replace last year in my 02 Century.
every time I use my windshield wipers when I turn them off they stop all the way up instead of going down. I have to keep turning them on and off for them to eventually go down.
probably an adjustment problem. Take off the piece in the very back underneath your hood. Mine is a plastic tray looking thing It should run along the whole bottom of the winshield This is where your wiper motor etc will be, have someone turn the wipers on and see if you see any damage, debris, etc and if not maybe try spraying wd-40 on them, it could just be clogged good luck:)

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