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1993 Chrysler Voyager emergency brake problem?

Ok so i came home one day and parked in my driveway which has a little grade to it and used the emergency brake, then the next day when i went out there i started it up and pushed the e-brake to let it go and the petal itself came up but i think the brake is still locked in so i can move the petal up and down. Also the real wheels are locked up because of it.


It sounds like the rust within the brake system and e-brake line has caused the e-brake to seize up and the rear wheels will have to come off along with the whole brake system being looked at and it may require the replacing of the e-brake cable. Sometimes all that's required is the brakes being taken apart and cleaning, lubing and re-adjustments of the e-brake paddle/lever and adjusting/cleaning/lubing the e-brake cable system.So it might be a good idea that if you've any friends that know about cars or doing brakes etc that you have them help you check it out and make the required repairs etc. Also you could have a mechanic check it but from what you're saying unless you call a mechanic that will come to you , you'll probably have to tow the vehicle into a shop etc. Hope that helps and best of luck.
May 28, 2018
Cables are stuck maybe freezing rain or snow if temp . is below 0 f.
May 28, 2018
Get it towed to a shop and get it repaired.
May 28, 2018

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