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2009 toyota Camry/ brake line/ abs?

I have 2009 toyota Camry 4 cyclinder automatic. My abs system was stolen out of it and they cut the steel brake lines found to it instead of detaching it. From what I know the abs is like a extra support for newer cars in case they spin our of control l or something. The dealer is saying I have no brake and if u drive the car it will not stop. There saying they have to bleed the air out and all this staff.So do I NEED the abs or can I drive without it for a while. Also what is he talking about when he says he needs to bleed the brakes????


ABS (anti lock brake system) is to provide minimum stopping distance to a vehicle in conditions of high speed braking or when traversing over ice. The system avoids wheel lockup (that causes tires to slip) by releasing brake pressure when the system detects a wheel lockup, and then reapplying brakes when the wheels regain speed. This cycle is repeated over 20 times/second. Bleeding of brakes is the process of removing air from the hydraulic brake system. As air is compressible, even a small amount of air in the system can deteriorate its normal performance. You can drive without ABS but it is suggested to use it for enhanced safety especially for long sedans like Camry.
May 28, 2018
Unless you are going to do all the cutting, threading, piping, and hook ups yourself, the cost for installation of stainless steel pipe would be so high, because every piece of pipe has to be threaded and screwed together. Although the stainless steel pipe would last longer, the installation costs would be triple that of copper. I know that copper is at all time highs, right now, but the stainless pipe is still twice as expensive. I'm not sure, but I think that you need special dies to thread the stainless steel pipe. Stainless pipe comes unthreaded, therefore, every piece of pipe you will need, has to be threaded first. Back when labor prices were cheap, all residential piping was done with galvanized steel pipe. This is when plumbers made $1.00 an hour. Nowadays, plumbers average anywhere from $15-$35 an hour, so it isn't very cost effective to have this type of piping installed. I have only seen it used in commercial applications, that pass the cost on to consumers. I hope this answers your question! Good luck!
May 28, 2018
Bill P said,,,,,Electrolysis takes place in your water heater and it is meant to,,, This is not true,, that is where you don't want electrolysis to be. They put special dielectric fittings on water heaters to keep the cooper pipes and the steel tank from coming in contact with each other to eliminate any corrosion that will happen when two dissimilar metals come in contact. Have you ever touched a filling in your mouth with a metal fork and that uncomfortable sensation you get is a small electric current caused from the two different metals touching each other . Any two dissimilar metals touching together will create a small current,, usually measured in Milli volts, and the current increases if you add heat to the process,,, Separate the steal wool from your pipes.It will cause corrosion over time I hope this helps,, Good Luck,,, Bob G
May 28, 2018
I don't think that copper pipes connected with stainless steel will cause a problem. The stainless steel wool is to keep bugs from coming through. Electrolysis is a problem in other parts of the house. Electrolysis takes place in your water heater and it is meant to. Probably the worst that I have seen, however, is in a place where few look - in the gutters. If y ou have galvanized gutters and they used aluminum nails, you will have a problem. If you have aluminum gutters and galvanized nails, you will have a problem.
May 28, 2018

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