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How do I assemble a 10 Speed Back Axle?

I‘m reassembling a Panasonic ten speed. Every time I reassemble the back axle and spin it, the nuts tighten and the wheel stops. What is the correct order of the parts on the back axle? Thank you


Here you go, from left (non-drive side) to right. this does not include the axle nuts: thin locknut washer cone bearings bearings cone spacer(s) locknut Make absolutely certain that the washers are in the correct place and that the locknuts are tight. This is pretty easy with a set of cone wrenches. Sounds more to me like the bearings you are using are too small or the wrong quantity, or if they are caged bearings that they are in backwards. In the case of caged bearings, the flat part of the cage faces out, and the bearings go into the bearing cup. To determine the correct number of bearings (no cage) fill the cup until it is full, then remove one. The size of bearings depend on the hub make and model. Make sure that when repacking the bearings you don't fill up with grease. There should be just enough white lithium grease in there to cover everything with a thin film, not globs, and not high temperature or disc brake moly grease.
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