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how do mirrors work? 10 points best answer.?

ok this is a really dumb question. i know. but to me mirrors are just glass. i dont understand how they reflect. is there some kind of material in them that makes them do this?i've been wondering this or so long, and even my science teacher didn't know the answer. i'm so curious. lol. thxx D


Reflective material? Why? So it's easier for the enemy to see you? Darker colors such as black or dark grey for those aircraft flying primarily at night (B2, F-117, F-15E) Lighter grey color to match the color of grey skies (F-15C, F-16, F-22). At least, that's how the US paints our aircraft. Russian aircraft tend to be painted camouflage so that they're harder to see when they're parked on the ground. But the underside usually is painted white or grey so that from below it's harder to see against the sky.
If the buzzing/clicking was not normal, it is an indicator of a problem. Since it and the heat stopped at the same time, I suspect that a control has failed. You need to have a specialist look at it. Some gas companies have repair people. Good Luck!

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