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what front & rear axles come in 1990-1992 jeep cherokees?

what front rear axles come in these if you happen to know-how much does each weigh?


Front axle is a Dana 30. Rear is probably a Dana 35, although they also started putting Chrysler 8.25 in rear axles in around 91. If it has ABS it is the Chryco 8.25. Chrysler 8.25 rear axles are recognized by the center differential having a flat bottom about 4 inches wide (bottom of cover under the bolts viewing it from the rear. Weight? You'll have to get that from someone else. Id say probably a rear would weigh appr. 150 lbs. and not much less for the front, this is sans springs and wheels/tires.
May 28, 2018
Stating that the 8.25 had ABS is incorrect. The Dana 35 had ABS, not the 8.25.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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