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What is an axle seal leak?

I put my Toyota rav4 in for a new clutch yesterday and this morning the mechanic called saying the axle seal is leaking, what does that mean and how does it effect my driving? thanks


It means the lubrication inside your axle housing is leaking out because the seal that keeps the lubrication inside has worn out. This lubrication will contaminate the brakes, making them less effective. I would suggest the brakes be replaced too. The brakes will work, but greasy brakes don't stop as well as clean ones. To replace the axle seals, the axle needs to be pulled out of the axle housing, the brakes must be removed in order to do this. Then the seal is accessible for removal and replacement. the bearing on the axle might get damaged as the axle is pulled out- this is common. Might as well put on new bearings, so you don't wind up with a failed bearing a month from now and another bill for another $400.
May 28, 2018

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