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what to do to kill time in the car?

Im going on a roadtrip and i dont know what to do to kill time in the carI am the passenger so i dont have to driveI have a DVD player but any other ideas? please help! thank you! lt;3


Talk to the driver is goodGet a map and follow along the route, learning all about the things and towns you are passing bymake a game of guessing exactly what time you will get to a certain town or exitYou can play games like finding license plates from every state or finding every letter of the alphabet on billboardsLearn about the plants, trees and rocks in the places you will pass throughLearn about the history (did lewis and clark go there, did the wagon trains go there, did the railroad go through there?) Learn about the industries along the way, and what the economies are like in each area you pass by (is there a wal-mart distribution center, grain elevators or manufacturing plants?) Imagine your whole life as if you lived in each city and tell the story: I lived in Oakley, OhioI was born there and went through school, when i was 23 i got married and had 4 kidsI cared for my garden and grew our food thereI sewed curtains for the houseMy husband was a dentist and his office was across town, i used to take him lunch sometimes and he would nag me about flossing my teethetcmake up a story for each town you pass.

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