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1990 Chevrolet Silverado Parking brake light?

The other night, I‘m guessing my wheel cylinder went bad and leaked all of my brake fluid out. That‘s when I realized the parking brake/emergency brake light stayed on. After limping home with no brakes, I replaced the wheel cylinder and refilled my brake fluid. I tried my best to bleed the brakes according to a few videos I watched online. But now my parking brake light will not turn off. Any ideas? I‘ve read that the light also serves as a warning for problems with the brake system. But why hasn‘t it turned off?


If it stays on bright even when you lift up on the e-brake pedal, be aware that light doubles as a warning for a brake system leak, if the Combination valve (aka metering proportioning valve) is tripped to shut off one side of the brake system, it will stay on until it's reset or the pressure is balanced out. You can unplug the wire on the Combination valve to see if it is the cause on the light coming on. You'll need to reset the Combination valve and bleed the brake system. The brake Combination valve is under the Master cylinder bolted to the frame. . It will have one or two buttons located on it. The reset button usually has a rubber cap on it. It is an L-shaped metal valve. Push the reset button located on the valve with your fingers, which will reset it so the valve is working properly again. If the pressure is restored to the brake line and your brakes seem to be working properly again, then the reset button worked. If not the valve may need to be replaced. If the proportioning valve needs to be reset, brake fluid will not be getting through to the brakes system that explain why the light still on after you bled the brake system. So reset the valve and bleed the brake system and the Combination valve should be stabilized out and the light on the dash should goes offHTH
May 28, 2018
The sensor plugged into the brake reservoir or master cylinder can turn this light on.The front or rear pads or shoes bein wore out can cause this light to come on also.So can the abs sensor,bolted near the rotor or drum.I'm assuming you bleed the brakes in correct order right rear- left rear -right front- left front.
May 28, 2018
by the parking brake light staying on is up front by the parking brake, not back by the rear wheels !
May 28, 2018
You have to have the odometer and spedo calibrated for the larger tires.
May 28, 2018

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