Car Care from rust?

The other day at a garage they put my car up on a crane lift and noticed a moderate amount of rust and corrosion under my carThe said it's proably because it was in North Jersey up by New YorkThere one spot that rusted threw the that i could touch underneath of my carpetand on the other side i could flex the floor panelI bought this car for 800 dollars and expected problemsI wanted this car since i was 10 years oldSo far it runs and drives greatIt's a 1989 Firebird with TransAm Ground Effects T-Tops and a 5spdOnly 14.1 were made with manuals that yearOnly 3.2 were made with a 5-Spd and T-Tops and Trans Am Ground effectsNot saying extremely rare but closeSo what i want to know is how can i fix it and what would you do.


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