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do memory card readers need drivers? computers anyone?

are u good with computers or could help me with this question? i am going to get a HP pavilion a1200 and want to do a fresh install of xp. i know i will have to get the Digital Media Plus that it comes with but will i need to get drivers for the memory card readers that are on the outside or will they just work by themselves?


You should be just fine Evan if you do need any drivers go to HP support type in the computer model and look for any new updates
depends. with windows xp drivers normally automatically install when you plug in an external device and I don't think you need drivers for memory card readers. If you have any questions while doing your fresh install of xp feel free to instant message me on yahoo
No, Memory cards need driver only with windows 98/ME but Xp and greater dosn't need any driver
WIndows XP design feature called Plug-in-Play which lets you plug any hardware you like to attached to your computer including card readers and WIndows XP readily recognize what type of hardware you are installing. Most hardwares though not all can be recognized but card readers are just one of the few that XP can read. No more additional drivers/softwares to be installed that is why XP or later version is the most handy OS could consider.
No the card readers should not need any additional drivers, XP should read them as an ordinary card reader, and u will be fine. HOWEVER, if there is a problem, then u just need to check HPs web page and download the drivers off the site. But im pretty sure u wont need too.

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