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how can I bleed the braking system on my 92 explorer without going to a dealership?

the rear anti lock system prevents the traditional method


Physics works very well at this Fill the master cylinder and open the bleeders. gravity will pull the fluid thru the system forcing the air out in front of it. If your Explorer has bleeders on the ABS unit open them first and leave the fluid run until it's clear of bubbles, close them and then open the bleeders at the wheel.
May 28, 2018
You will likely start in the master cylinder. Have someone press the brake pedal three times and hold it down, then with a wrench open the brake line at the master cylinder while the person continues to press the pedal to the floor but dont release it yet, release the brake pedal after you tighten the brake line, repeat this two times. Now go the the right rear wheel and do this again but use the bleeder valve not the brake line, now go the the left rear then the right front then the Left front wheel, be sure you refill the brake master each time you finish bleeding the area you are at. If your break pedal slowly sinks to the floor while you press it with all lines tight, you may have a leak or a defective brake master cylinder. Before you start be sure to look for leaks at all areas you will bleed first , If there is a leak you will need to repair the leak first then bleed the system. Most brake shops will do it for 1 hour charge, that might be the best thing to do anyway. Good Luck and GOD Bless
May 28, 2018
anti loc brakes, have sencers on them, and really ought to be taken to a service center you trust, and let them do it. They have all the special tools to do the job quickly. If you try, go ahead, but if you snap off a bleeder valve, then your repair bill will get a whole lot bigger.a whole lot
May 28, 2018

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