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how do i dispose of old tires?

My parents moved and the property‘s previous owners left tons of old tires. How can we get rid of them?


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Even if the tires cannot be re-treaded, they are recyclable. Old tires are an ingredient in asphalt. Check with a local tire shop and ask if they will take them. If they won't, ask them if they know who will. All the best.
Jugglermat I had a Pair of Tyre Sandals in the Mid 1960ties during the Hippie Era when I was a young Teenager.They were not Comfortable to wear but my Feet did not turn Black as there was some kind of Cloth Lining stuck in them. They were Hard on the Feet though and I threw them out. Fishermen and the Yachting Fraternity sometimes use them as Fenders to Protect their Boats from being bashed off the Pier Walls. The only Information I can give you is Phone your Local Municipal Council Recycling Centre,or Tyre Companies.
Bring used tires to either a tire retailer, service station or local recycling facility that accepts and must then recycle tires. First, confirm that the selected location is currently accepting used tires. Notice when or if a local municipality offers a tire amnesty. The program allows local citizens to deposit a limited number of used tires at a drop off site for free

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